Epilepsy Louisiana offers a range of training programs anywhere in the state of Louisiana for individuals, medical professionals, teachers and other groups. To schedule a specific training program for your group, or to find out more about our epilepsy awareness seminars and training programs, please contact us.

Seizure Recognition and First Aid – General Audience

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Seizure Recognition and First Aid is designed to teach the general public basic information about epilepsy. The program identifies and describes the most common types of seizures and dispels many common myths associated with epilepsy. Attendees will learn how to identify seizures and provide appropriate seizure first aid. Training includes a video presentation and handout materials.

Training time: 1 hour; length of the training can be modified, if needed

Seizure Training for Childcare Personnel

The purpose of this training is to provide childcare providers and early childhood educators with information they need to recognize seizures, understand seizure impact on children, and respond with appropriate and safe first aid.  This program is best presented in an hour. The length of the training program can be modified.

Training time: 1 hour (length of the training can be modified)

Seizure Recognition and First Aid – School Personnel

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A specific training program designed to train teachers, aides, librarians, bus drivers, staff and general school personnel about epilepsy. The presentation identifies and describes the most common types of seizures seen in a student population. School personnel will be given the information they need to be able to recognize seizures and understand seizure impact on students developmentally and educationally. Participants will also be taught how to respond to seizures with appropriate first aid. Handouts are included and the video portion of each presentation can be adjusted for an elementary or secondary educational institution.

Training time: 45 minutes

Managing Students with Seizures: A Training for School Nurses

The content of this course is specifically designed for school nurses and are available to all school RNs who complete the training. School nurses will be provided with information, strategies and resources that enable him/her to better manage students with seizures by supporting positive treatment outcomes, maximizing educational and developmental opportunities and creating a safe and supportive environment. This course is also available online.

Training time: 3.5 hours

Seizures After Sixty – Nursing Home, Medical Personnel and Caregivers

Seizures After Sixty is designed for seniors with epilepsy, their families and caregivers. The focus of the training is to review specific issues relating to seniors with epilepsy. The program content reviews seizure recognition and first aid, in addition to providing information on starting a support group for seniors living with seizure disorders. The training materials consist of a power point presentation, accompanying video and educational handouts.

Seizures After Sixty can provide important information specific to epilepsy in the elderly to nursing home staff, medical professionals, seniors living with epilepsy and supporters/caregivers.

Training time: 45 minutes

Take Another Look: Police Response to Seizures and Epilepsy

Designed to teach police officers how to respond appropriately to seizures in any situation, this program includes training in how to recognize seizures, how to correctly respond to seizures in the community and reviews the unique needs of individuals with epilepsy who are taken into custody for any reason. The purpose of the training is to enhance officers’ understanding of the nature and causes of seizures and how disturbances in brain function affect consciousness and behavior. The course also teaches techniques and procedures that are needed to handle seizure-related calls more effectively and ways to recognize the distinctive features which indicate a seizure is taking place.

Training time: 45 minutes