If you or a loved one is dealing with epilepsy, you’re not alone. We have a number of support services that will fit your need.

Q&A Sessions

Monthly Q&A Sessions w/ featured speakers are conducted by Epilepsy Alliance Louisiana for adults and teenagers with epilepsy, as well as for parents of children with epilepsy. These sessions provide a setting for people concerned with epilepsy to learn and discuss day-to-day issues. Contact us for additional details about a specific sessions.


Support for Parents of Kids with Epilepsy and Seizures (SPOKES) is a support group specifically designed for parents of children with epilepsy to find common ground on successes and challenges they face in their everyday lives.


Advocacy services are aimed at helping individuals with epilepsy secure needed services and rights guaranteed by law. Issues such as employment discrimination, problems with governmental service delivery, and Social Security disability denial are addressed through information and referral.

Summer Camp

Funded by Epilepsy Louisiana, one week of Epilepsy summer camp is held annually, typically in July, at MedCamp of Louisiana. A week-long, free of charge camp, designed specifically for children with epilepsy – including appropriate health professionals, specially trained staff and tailored activities – offers a great opportunity for a safe, fun camp experience.