Joey Huber, a rock musician from Chalmette, LA, has struggled with epilepsy since he was just a baby, but has turned his frustrations and difficulties into creativity and is pursuing his passion of music with his band, Six Below.

At thirteen months Joey began having grand mal seizures, but with several medication changes throughout the years, his seizures are mostly controlled. It has never been what Joey would call “easy,” but he has figured out what works for him.  “It’s important to focus on what makes you happy and not the fact that you have epilepsy,” he says.

Though Joey had to deal with darker periods, he has emerged a better person in spite of it all.  Joey stresses that “confiding in people who care or who can relate to what you are going through can be really helpful.”  He says his friends and family have been a great support system and have helped him realize that “epilepsy doesn’t mean you can’t be something you want to be or do something you want to do.”

For Joey, that something is music.

His mom, Lisa Huber, says he has always been musically inclined. “He was just six years old when he got his first guitar,” she says, “music has been a great outlet for him.” Joey is the lead singer of his band and is passionate about his music.  He has even written a song, called Lesions, about epilepsy, as a way to express his feelings.

Last year, after seeing Joey’s band give a great performance and his efforts pay off, Lisa was inspired to find a way to help epilepsy and help her son get some exposure. So she contacted EFL and decided to coordinate a small fundraiser, Singing for Seizures, to help raise money for Epilepsy Foundation Louisiana and to allow Joey and his band to showcase their talents.

Lisa’s hard work paid off.  The November event, held in Metairie, was attended by about 50 people and raised more than $4,000. It was a great evening with lots of food, a silent auction, and of course entertainment by Six Below, who put on a great performance for epilepsy that night! Look out for them and for Joey who refuses let epilepsy keep him from being a rock star!